“To Enhance the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Domestic Tranquility”

As early as I can remember, I always wanted to design and build things like my wooden go cart at the age of six, and helping my father build a wooden sailboat in our garage at age eight.  I was fortunate enough to attend a high school that had a vocational building trades program. This program consisted of building two complete homes from the ground up to completion.  That’s how it all started.

I started as a laborer on a framing crew at the age of eighteen.  I gained the knowledge and skills within the course of three years to command that very same crew.  At twenty-four I became a superintendent for a home builder.  After a year of vouching for other people’s work or lack thereof, I realized that I only wanted to vouch for my own work.  This is where I set forth my high standards of work ethic and job performance.

I can honestly say that I enjoy my work.  Every job is different and has its own dynamics.  I always have a new boss (client) and have several life long clients.  I take pride in having mastered all the skills to take projects out of the ground to the finish trim details.  I am fully hands on and personally do all the work on my projects.  When needed, I call on the help of a great network of peers who are masters in their respective trades.

The success of a project is measured on execution, ability, cost, quality, and client contractor relationship.  I offer a high quality of service with a reasonable cost.  When I come into a client’s home I realize that I am in the sanctity of their personal space (home base).  Therefore, I go above and beyond to prepare the job site as if it were my own living space, with extra attention to communication, cleanliness, organization, and with as low impact as possible for their domestic livelihood.

Projects are a great deal of work, but there is always a light and fun atmosphere on my job sites.

Russell Pope